2017 Topps UFC Chrome

Top Rookies

All RC’s included


Buy packs of 2017 Topps UFC Chrome and instantly open them. You can then trade, sell on site or sell your hits on ebay with others on the site instantly after opening the packs.

2017 Topps UFC Chrome Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 8 Refractor Parallels
  • 1 X-Fractor Parallel
  • 16 Inserts
  • 100 Card base set with parallels Refractor (1:3 packs), X-Fractor (1:24 packs), Diamond Refractor (Hot Box), Green Refractor (#/99), Blue Wave Refractor (#/75), Gold Refractor (#/50), Orange Refractor (#/25), Black Refractor (#/10), Red Refractor (#/5), SuperFractor (1/1), Printing Plates (1/1).
    Autograph sets are Fighter Autographs, UFC Fire Autographs, UFC Museum Autographs, UFC Tier 1 Autographs, and Top of the Class Autographs.
    Insert set include UFC Fire, UFC Museum Collection, UFC Tier 1, and Top of the Class.