2016 Topps Stadium Club

2016 Topps Stadium Club

Top Rookies

Stephen Piscotty

Nomar Mazara

Trea Turner

Ketel Marte

Kyle Schwarber

Aaron Nola

Byung Ho Park

Corey Seager

Kenta Maeda


Buy packs of 2016 Topps Stadium Club and instantly open them. You can then trade, sell on site or sell your hits on ebay with others on the site instantly after opening the packs.

2016 Topps Stadium Club comes in a 16 pack box with 2 Autos guaranteed per box. Base autograph cards come in three parallels – Black – #’d to 50, – Gold – #’d to 25., – Orange – Numbered 1/1. You can also find Lone Star Signatures, Co-Signers Dual Auographs #’d/5, Buybacks and special 1993 Autographed Buybacks. #’d/5.

2016 Topps Stadium Club base set is loaded with fantastic action and candid shots of your favorite legends and current players. Chase the full rainbow of parallels which includes:

– Gold Foil
– Black Foil – 1:8.
– Black and White Foil – 1:48. Hobby only.
– Rainbow Foilboard – #’d to 25.
– First Day Issue – limited to 10.
– Members Only – 1 per case

The coolest die cuts of 2016 are found in 2016 Topps Stadium Club with Triumvrates. These three paneled die cuts give collectors a mix and match opportunity of some amazing looking cards. Illuminators fall 1 per case and are the slickest of the bunch.
– Luminous – 1 per Box
– Luminescent – 1:4 boxes.
– Illuminator -1 per case