2011 Topps Chrome

2011 Topps Chrome

Top Rookies

Mark Trumbo

Michael Pineda

Dee Gordon

Marcus Stroman

Michael Wacha

Zach Britton

Jeremy Hellickson

Eric Hosmer

Chris Sale

Freddie Freeman

Craig Kimbrel

Ben Revere

Danny Espinosa

Brandon Belt


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TWO On-Card Autographed Rookie Cards in Every 2011 Topps Chrome Hobby Box!

Also look for the following parallels of the 2011 Topps Chrome base set:

– NEW! Canary Diamond: ONE OF ONE. Hobby Exclusive!
– Super-Fractor: ONE OF ONE. Hobby Exclusive!
– Printing Plates: 880 ONE OF ONE plates. Hobby Exclusive!
– Red: Numbered* to 25. Hobby Exclusive!
– Gold: Numbered* to 50
– NEW! Sepia: Numbered* to 99. Hobby Exclusive!
– Blue: Numbered* to 199
– Refractor: 1:3 packs

A fun addition to 2011 Topps chrome is Vintage Chrome: The game’s biggest stars shine on the 1996 Topps Chrome design. 2011 Topps Chrome also features a continuation of the Chrome parallel cards that appeared in 2011 Heritage Baseball featuring the Topps 1962 card design. Cards will be numbered starting at 101 and sequentially numbered* to 1962.
Available in Refractor Parallel Versions
– Black-Border: Hobby Exclusive!
– Refractor: 1:3 packs