Frequently Asked Questions: How does PackRip work?

How does PackRip work anyway? We’re here to break down all the confusing bits for you and hopefully help you realize how awesome of a place this is to break!


Why don’t all packs and boxes have video?

Packs and boxes busted prior to our building of the video system don’t have video because we didn’t use to shoot video. Also most single packs that are only a few dollars won’t ever have video included as that’s not worth the effort. All products priced higher than $7-8 will have video going forward.


Are these Hobby or Retail boxes and packs?

All of our products are Hobby unless otherwise noted. We do not plan to have retail products on our site at any point.


How do I get my cards?

We’ll ship them to you! We have a flat shipping rate of $6 for unlimited cards to the US. The best idea is to bust a few boxes and buy a few hits to get them shipped altogether and save yourself some money. Shipping to Canada is a flat fee of $12.50.


How do I request shipment?

The process to request shipment is as follows:
1. Go to and filter by “To Ship” Card status see all the cards you have marked for shipment.
1a. If you’re satisfied with the list of cards marked for shipment continue the process from there by clicking Request Shipment.
1b. If you’re not, go back to and mark each card you want shipped to the “To Ship” status. This makes it so it’s no longer available for Trade or for Sale. Once you’ve marked the cards you want shipped as “To Ship” go back to step #1.

Where do you get your cards? 

Various online distributors and the occasional brick and mortar if we find a deal we want to pass on to you.


Which cards do I get from the packs? 

All non-numbered, non-insert, non-top RC, non-autographed, non-memorabilia and non-short printed base will be donated to Cards for Kids or sold in bulk lots with 100% of proceeds given to Children’s Mercy Hospital.


Who are you?

We’re a couple of brothers living in the Kansas City area. One of us is a Senior Web Developer and the other is a processing and shipping guru at a local company.


Will you post your breaks on YouTube? 

Starting May 1st, 2016 most box and multipack breaks will have video to accompany the break. These will be hosted by YouTube.

When do I get paid for selling my cards on eBay?
We pay within 24 hours of receiving payment from the buyers. You’ll see the payment in your “My Account” page under the “Balance History” page. You should also get emails when you get paid for a card that sold on eBay.
You can see sold items here or click the link shown on your card to under your “My Cards” when you filter by “On eBay”.

Will you offer group breaks? 



Does it cost to be a member? 

Nope. It’s free and always will be. Register now.


My money didn’t show up in my account or an incorrect amount was added, what gives?

Well, we shall see what gives. Contact us right away and we’ll fix any issue you’re experiencing. Sometimes PayPal is slow to notify our site’s system of deposits and it can take up to 15 minutes to be reflected in your balance.


Why do the base cards seem similar sometimes?

Good eye! In order to save some time, energy, and therefore cost to the collector we bust boxes and cases, separate the hits by box, scan in and add all the hits to the site, then reconstruct the packs as they were in every pack and box but using some stock base card images. Typically if there is a 200 card set we’d scan 100 of the base cards to try and give you some variety, but this is not always the case as we experience growing demand and less time to process lower end single packs. Rest assured the hits are still the genuine hits that came in the packs, but we don’t reconstruct the base cards exactly as they came. This of course doesn’t apply to newer breaks that are on video. 


How does trading work?

See a detailed explanation and FAQ here.


How does selling on eBay work?

  • All Cards are listed as a 7 Day Auctions
  • All auctions start at 7:30 PM CST on the Sunday night following the time you submit it for listing.
  • You pay a $.25 listing fee per card
  • You pay a 17.5% commission on the final price of the auction to cover eBay fees and handling
    by PackRip to fulfill shipment.